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Heeey Irina was seen with Cris and Jr today!!!! So they are still together! :)


Submitted by sara :

Congratulations for your tumblr, i love the design!! 

Now i have a question : Do you really want to see Irina going back in Madrid, and doing like nothing happened? I have a bad feeling about their relation since one year since Cristiano was in miami, it looks like something changed between them or maybe before i don’t know but i don’t understand how can she accepts to be with a man who prefers the company of others women in nightclubs and his friends than her, why he didn’t support her during her premiere? They have been together for more than 4 years and they acting like it wasn’t serious, she doesn’t have a role in junior life. And he wasn’t working, the same day he was in vegas, Japon has like 12 hours or something like that time difference so he had no excuses for me. I don’t understand irina’s fans sometimes, Irina deserves to be happy with a loyal man, I like cristiano but i just can’t no more believe it exists love between them. I hope your understand my opinion. Sorry for my english. 

Thank you <3 and your english is perf. 

Well, I think Cristiano can go out with anyone he wants. Irina also goes out with male friends, there’s no problem with that. I don’t know, I don’t think anything changed between them, I mean, she was posting a lot of pics with him afew months ago (she never did that before). I think they were happier than ever. The problem is.. it seems to be over.

We are waiting for something. But I don't really know what we want. An announcment? or a confession on instagram? or a few words in an article where one of them says that she/he is single? or we still wait that she appears in Madrid any day? She is clearly not working that much lately... I can't imagine that they are still together. :/

We all are waiting for something. But we want to know now !

i think she is in madrid <3

:C I hope so

Still no word on their relationship status?

no :|

Irina Shayk Behind The Scenes Of  Maxim Magazine, 2014 September.

pero te agrada la idea? tambien quiero verlo pero tengo sentimientos encontrados jaja amo los tatuajes pero a la vez amo la perfeccion de Irina y no me la imagino con un tatuaje

jajaj opino lo mismo, pero al parecer el algo pequeño en el tobillo, nada para asustarse

que piensas sobre el nuevo tatuaje de Irina?

pues lo no he visto muy bien jaja, pero que publique una buena foto!

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